Remodel vs. addition

9 days ago


A long time browser of Houzz, I've finally got my own place and thought I'd get the advice of some of the regulars as its always so much better than what I can come up with.

Essentially my partner and I bought a small 3 bedroom brick-veneer 80's house that had a bit of a facelift prior to the sale. The 2 main issues I've got at present is that there is only 1 toilet and the master bedroom (and all the other bedrooms) is/are on the small side. Neither is a major issue, but as funds to renovate/extend won't be a problem, I was looking for ideas to modify the existing floorplan or extend out the back.

I was looking at extending out the back of the kitchen with a 2nd living area + master bedroom with ensuite. I am reluctant to make the place too large however as it'll only ever be the 2 of us, no kids on the cards.

Existing floorplan:


Extension idea:

Any ideas would be much appreciated, let me know if any further info is required.

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