Renovation Floor Plan Challenges

Nicolas B
9 days ago
last modified: 9 days ago

Hi all,

We live in a three bedroom one bathroom place with ample living spaces (with a newborn and 2 year old - so not an issue).

We’re about to commence a renovation of bathroom (becomes one space), laundry (in place), and kitchen (removal of wall/post near cooktop), opening up onto a covered deck - this is all we can fit in budget.

Our longer term vision (5-10 years), is to add a second bathroom (en-suite) and fourth bed. We just want to make sure we’re not restricting ourselves by moving ahead with modernizing what we’ve got today, largely in place.

Our options to address in the future, without impacting what we’re wanting to do now:

- extend up (unlikely to be able to afford)

- extend right rear corner for master / en-suite (will block direct north light in family room - skylights resolve? celestory roof on meals / family? - its a flat roof)

- convert front lounge into master / en-suite (open plan rear living on the smaller end, lose morning sun that flows into the rear from front, and views)

-we’ve looked at converting bed 3 to the en-suite / robe, moving hallway out, adding 2 beds, and pushing the whole right side down and out, but because we can’t afford to do this now, we’re committing a bath, kitchen and laundry where it is now (option also has north light impact)

A bit to take in, but are we missing anything? How would we solve in the future without re touching what we do now? Are our options reasonable?


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