Help choosing trim colour

Ana Curtis
9 days ago

Hi all. We are doing a little Reno at home and need some advice. We will be having a new 2 tone kitchen (Dulux milton moon on bottom cabinets and lexicon qtr on top). The kitchen designers recommend to match the wall colour to the top cabinets which is lexicon qtr. They also suggested to have the same colour in semigloss for the wood work. Although, I'm having second thoughts as I I'm afraid the walls will look a bit bluish. We currently have antique white in walls and hog bristle qtr in the wood work, and bright white in the plantation shutters. I honestly never liked these colours as they are too creamy but now I'm afraid to go to the other end and make them look too blue.
If I was to go lexicon qtr in the walls, would you recommend to have the same colour on the trims and architraves in semigloss or should I make them outstand a bit by painting them in a vivid white to match the shutters?

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