Choosing internal doors

Jimb Omm
last month
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We are getting ready to do a full interior repaint of our house in Canberra (1970 build, 3x1). We have recently renovated our kitchen and have classic white shaker style cupboard doors. As they are quite old and outdated, we'd also like to replace all internal doors and wardrobe doors (and paint these to match new colours). I'd like to use a three-panel shaker door for the wardrobes in the bedrooms and the linen closet in the hallway (a door like this).

Would it be too much to also have shaker style internal doors (this, this or this) or should we go for something more generic and common (like this). A couple of the internal doors will need to have translucent glass panels so we'd want door styles that look cohesive together with these. Let me know what you all think - thanks.

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