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Timber Floor Direction Change with Transition?

sallyd 028
2 years ago

Ok the topic is kind of hard to describe but I have a floor plan that has angles and I am trying to work out the best direction of the floorboards.

- New kitchen has the floor direction to be horizontal to create long lines in the kitchen.

- Dining room and living room then change angles and I would prefer that the floor boards are horizontal to so they are parallel to the room and hall way. (see blue directional arrows on floor plan)

- Living room will be timber floor, not carpet as depicted in the plan.

- I have searched and I am not sure if I using the correct term to find example photos.

So can I alter the direction of the floor boards to be parallel/horizontal with the room if I use a transition piece of timber? See photo of my dodgy word art, which hopefully explains better than my words. Anybody have any examples or photos?

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