Bathroom window regulations

Mike Roberts
26 days ago

I'm renovating a bathroom and am trying to find clarification of the rules around windows in terms of privacy.
I'm not sure if I need to be looking at the council DCP or state regulations or the BCA.

A) for a ground floor rear-facing bathroom window (over looks the garden with the boundary ~8m away)
and B) for a ground floor side-facing bathroom window (~1m from the side boundary)

1) Does the window have to be translucent? e.g frosted / coloured glass, and where can I find the specification of what is acceptable? (For example, can I have a full height stained glass window and if so, how much non-coloured glass is allowed?)
2) Can the window open? e.g can I have a louvre window with frosted glass
3) Is there a minimum sill height for the window?

Thank you for your help!

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