New kitchen in country cottage - what paint colour?

Caroline Kelly
27 days ago
last modified: 27 days ago

Hi all, we have a cute little cottage and are putting in a new kitchen with polyurethane cabinets and are struggling to figure out a paint colour for the cabinets. The kitchen is part of a bigger renovation on the cottage.

The wall paint colour is Porter's French Green and we will be using jarrah benchtops. We would like something light coloured for the cabinets but not cream/white and preferably from Dulux. Some of the colour options we've looked at are shown below, but we're not tied to them - just want something that will compliment the jarrah benchtop and the french green wall paint colour.

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated!

The kitchen will be situated along the wall to the right of the pantry and will have a kitchen island

And will face these windows

Some of the colours being considered. Not shown below, but Dulux Spanish Olive looks good too (although so far only seen online).

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