DecoWood products create showstopping QLD home façade

DECO Australia
21 days ago

Builder Lindon Homes’ latest creation is an eye-catching custom home, with an unmissable design flair. The architecturally-designed home ‘The Bonaventure’ is situated in Queensland’s Raby Bay, and offers an inspirational appearance reminiscent of a coastal resort.

Bonaventure by Lindon Homes | DecoWood · More Info

The expansive two-level home features a variety of DECO Australia’s renowned timber-look aluminium products, all finished in the luxurious DecoWood® Natural Curly Birch finish for that beloved coastal vibe. The spectacular combination of products, from decking to louvres, creates a cohesive design sure to impress, with the benefit of using low-maintenance products for effortless, beautiful living. The coastal location perfectly showcases the durability of the DecoWood® products, highlighting that sun, sea and salt spray are no match for this long-lasting finish.

Bonaventure by Lindon Homes | DecoWood · More Info

The home’s arresting signature look is created using DecoClad® V-Groove horizontal cladding. For curb appeal and a contemporary, sophisticated look, the cladding carries seamlessly over across the triple garage, and wraps around the top of the home all the way round to the back.

Where the home faces the canal, louvres finished in the same DecoWood® colour keep out the harsh sun, while retaining their appearance even when exposed to the elements. Cleverly spaced, they not only denote luxury, but protect resident privacy and add to the contemporary resort-style aesthetic.

The home’s inviting swimming pool is surrounded by DecoDeck®, the low-maintenance timber-look aluminium decking solution. Replicating the form, feel and appearance of natural timber decking, DecoDeck® recreates the quintessential Australian deck beloved by all, with the added bonus of chorine resistance and a P4 slip rating for safe use around pools and spas. With astounding thermal conductivity, DecoDeck® dissipates heat effectively across the boards, eliminating ‘hot spots’ and enabling it to be walked on even on a hot day.

Bonaventure by Lindon Homes | DecoWood · More Info

The result? Combining these stunning DecoWood® features into one cohesive design creates a unique and enviable home, whose beauty rivals that of its northerly water views.

Images courtesy of Brock Beazley Photography