Asko D5544 integrated dishwasher - LCD panel partial failure - options

10 days ago

Hi all -

Part of the LCD panel information is now not showing meaning that it is a guessing job as to what program is running.

Anyone else experienced this? I'm guessing that it would be a very pricey fix?

Have tried powering off and restarting after a few minutes but this does nothing. Unit is about 6 years old - my second failed Asko! Won't buy one of their units again - that's for sure.

Sorry pic is upside down!

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  • dreamer
    10 days ago

    Get a technician out to look at, or if in lock down, phone a technician and get some advice on what the cost would be.
    What is the warranty period on this appliance?
    Weigh up whether new appliance versus fixed six year old appliance.

  • Kate
    10 days ago

    Call Asko. If the dishwasher still works prob an easy panel replacement.

  • sc42355
    9 days ago

    Have you tried googling it? My Miele fully integrated dishwasher showed an error code and would not run and due to lockdown, I could not get a repairer. I googled the error in desperation and a very kind soul had put a tutorial video on YouTube showing how to take the dishwasher apart and then how to fix the issue and put it back together. There were also Miele offical YouTube tutorials about checking for blockages and other DIY lockdown repairs. I did need to buy (via Bunnings click and collect) special screwdrivers - they were Torx screwdrivers - I needed both size T20 and a precision set (T5 to T10). Dishwasher has been going strong for about a month now and my new Torx screwdrivers have also fixed the loose fridge handle and taken the Dyson hand stick vacuum apart for a really good clean (again, both hand YouTube videos). Good luck!