Raising our cottage & building under: floor plan ideas please

Morgan Treacle
10 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

We have a renovated cottage in Brisbane which we are raising and building under. We're going to (mostly) keep the existing floor plan, raise it up and make the new downstairs area our kitchen, living, dining, laundry, small bath and study/spare bed.

Here's the existing floor plan:

with dimensions:

This will be raised up and changed to add a master + ensuite + walk in (nb where it says dining/living is incorrect, it will just be a small living space/couch). We're pretty happy with upstairs and won't be changing the structure much.

This is our proposed new floor plan for the downstairs:

Would love some advice on the following:

- the stairs kind of need to stay where they are to enter in right place upstairs but is there a better way of fitting in the main rooms we need downstairs (laundry, kitchen, living, dining, bath + spare).

- e.g. cut out the play room and make the living/dining space larger for a better layout

- concerned about lack of sunlight filtering into the kitchen (entry is north facing) so the laundry/play rooms will cut out the light coming from the front, some light will come through the living room window in the afternoon but the kitchen won't see much.

- is there a better way of arranging the bathroom (it's small but is more of a powder room/small bath as bedroom is just a spare)

- do we really need a sink in the island bench if there's a large sink in butler's? Or move sink to side bench?

Thanks so much for taking the time to give some advice, it's much appreciated. We've been working on this for years and putting it on hold until the time is right. Hopefully it will go ahead next year!

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