update facade from Dutch gambrel to what?

10 days ago

We have our home which we love and moved in about a year ago, we love the provincial charm it has on the inside but we are looking to do something with facade as its not for us.

looking for opinions/suggestions what would be a relativily straightforward facade facelift to give it a french provinical/hamptons look.

keeping in mind we like to keep it symmetrical, exterior white in colour, nothing overly modern either.

to keep it within budget we were advised the following (which sounded really good to us)

- remove tiles on the front, use a carpenter to add a frame to straighten.

- install NRG Green board EPS panels, render all the way up and around the sides

- create a outbound box for the middle window to give it a character depth. window will have to remain where it is

- add acryllic mouldings inbetween the levels and right at the top of level 2 to act as a cornice for character

- use a box gutter system on the roof all the way around, must be high enough to concel current roof pitch

-remove weatherboards on sides of property and affix eps panel and render also

- paint white finish

Currently the home

How we invision the update

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