Seeking some floorplan advice

Cat Kal
last month

Hi. My partner and I are currently looking to do some renovations to our house with the following objectives in mind:

- Turn the existing garage into a kid's retreat space where they can hang out, watch tv, study, etc.;

- Adding a carport to the front of the house

- To add a new master bedroom towards the front of the house (making the house a 5 bedroom (or 4bedroom/1 office house).

We mainly want to concentrate on the front portion of our house as this is the space where we have room to build out if required.

The first pic below is of our existing house plans and the second pic is of our first draft/revised plan.

Can you please provide some feedback/advice? Do you think this works well or are there some alternatives we should consider that will not impede to much on the rest of the house....?

With thanks! Cat

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