To ensuite or not to ensuite

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HI All,

We are currently designing a second level on our home with 3 drawings by a draftsman so far. We are sitting somewhere between 2 ideas with nowhere to go (out of ideas).

This sketch is ideally what we would love to have though with downstairs work, we would be over capitalizing a bit.

The latest sketch is a great layout however it made us realize that we really want to have 3 bedrooms upstairs, though to do so would need a bathroom everyone can access.

I am thinking a combination of the two, with the room layouts from the first sketch, and the retreat, stairs, from the second with loosing the idea of an ensuite and having the bathroom all access.

Keen to think what people think of that or if any other ideas are floating around, also do you think loosing the ensuite will affect value that much, considering we will have a full size bathroom on each floor?

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