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Builders expectations

Jenny K
9 months ago

Hi, we are just at the start of your journey to build a new home. We have a strong focus on building an energy efficient home. After talking with many custom builders we selected one that had the same focus and experience in passive house building practices.
When we initially made contact he was quick to communicate, taking our calls, answering numerous questions and coming over to our house visit and talk about his process.
Once we decided to move ahead we paid a deposit for the design phase. It is now coming up 3 months since then and we are experiencing issues with communication. He doesn’t answer our call or return them, when we do manage to get a hold to ask what the next steps are he says he will find out and get back to us “soon” but never does.
We understand he is busy (and all the covid lockdown issues) and we feel we are not being unreasonable in our expectations, nor are we in a massive rush to do things. At this stage we just want to know when we should expect to start collaborating with the architect but he seems to be unable to give us measurable timeframe or be proactive with communication. So, for a decent amount of money in 11 weeks all we have got is an email saying we have been registered for a project management site (that we have no access to). My partner sent him a nice email advising about our concerns over communication but this did not warrant a reply until after my partner followed up a week later, which he advise he had replied via the project management site (that we can’t access).
We don’t want to be pushy but being the first time we have built we are starting to feeling uneasy. Do you think we have warrant to be worried, what expectations should we have around communication with a builder or are we stress out to much?

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