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Site plan drawings

8 months ago

We have a trapezoid type shape block of land with an easement running along the right side boundary. Does anyone know how to draw up the setbacks on the plan so I can work out the building envelope and what dimensions we have to play with for the build.
We are in SA and I know minimum front setback is 6m and rear is 4m, 0.9m for side boundary besides the one where the garage is up against.
Basically trying to work out the width and depth of the house I can build at different front setbacks so that we don't encroach on the rear setback... You will see when you see the site map attached. It's lot 23 and a stormwater easement marked A that we can't build on so thinking to run the house parallel to the easment.
Or is there an app I can use to do this?
Thanks everyone!

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