Cathedral ceiling and glazed gable dilemma

Adrian Faldt
last month
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Hi everyone,

We are looking for advice on our house plans, and the feature glazed gable. We are building on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. The glazed gable is North facing and the intent is to have cathedral ceilings in the open-plan living and alfresco, with glazing through to the alfresco.

Since the contract was signed the builder has come back saying they can no longer build the glazed gable and cathedral ceilings as contracted (blaming a sub-contractor draftsman for the oversight), and instead will:

  1. need to use a standard scissor truss, where the internal ceiling line will be 10 degrees rather than the proposed 25 degrees (I’ve done my own research and it appears they could use a parallel chord scissor truss to achieve the same result, the builder has said they will check with engineering)
  2. and due to the lower ceiling line they are proposing an inferior (in our opinion) type of gable glazing, which has the appearance of extending the stacker-door glass vertically upwards
  3. additionally they have called out the lack of structural support for the entire cathedral roof section, and need to add large structural beams from front to back for the roof to sit on, which creates the appearance of a ‘step’ leading up to the cathedral roof section when looking at the house from the front.

A few questions for the good folk on Houzz:

  1. We don’t see any reason why the builder can’t achieve the original (contracted) design, does anyone have an idea on why this would not be achievable? Looking on Pinterest this design is very common.
  2. We don’t think the proposed design looks appealing (though would still achieve some additional Northern sun into the living area), what are your thoughts on the proposed design?
  3. The overall cost for the glazed gable and cathedral ceiling is about $58K. Does this sound reasonable for the original design and/or for the proposed design, and would you go ahead with the proposed design at this cost?

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