Living Room setup?

3 months ago

I'm keen to renovate my existing living room (its quite small) but am not sure if my ideas would make best use of the space... I'm keen to hear what y'all think.

As per my attached picture, I was thinking of ripping out the built-in shelving, building a faux wall (jutting out about 20cms) and moving the wall lights from their current position (currently in the absolute centre of the long wall). I was also thinking of running all my TV and power cables behind the faux wall and wall mounting the TV.

If space allowed, I'd like to have a little room for a small table and chairs (although if a bigger couch looked better, I could do that instead). I also want to avoid having an entertainment unit because the room is quite narrow.

My walls are load-bearing concrete walls and as you can see in the attached image, the morning sun hits the TV where it is currently. Throughout the day its extremely glarey when watching TV in its current position. With the powerpoints currently, I only have two single outlets in the skirting boards- one on the TV side and one at the bottom of the built-in shelves.

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