Bathroom proximity to kitchen

3 months ago
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Currently renovating my downstairs living area, previosuly the house was upside down (kitchen, living, bedrooms etc upstairs, self contained studio downstairs).

We have finally gotten to the stage of finishing off our new kitchen and living downstairs but my dilemma is the current bathroom location which is the next project. The door opens directly onto the kitchen, about 1m from the island bench. Toilet is the red dot on the plan.

Looking at a cost effective way to mitigate this, but all options seem to point to about a $3-4k cost (ex any cost to actually renovate the room) to either

A- swap the bathroom and laundry around so the laundry is off the kitchen

B- cut a new door between the laundry and bathroom so access is via laundry and block up the current door

Note the house is on stilts, so access under is possible but laundry and bathroom floor both concrete, living area is timber subfloor.

Question is - how bad is it to have the toilet off the kitchen and is there another cost efficient way to do this that I can’t see?

Have been quoted approx $12k to do the powder, which includes option B. excludes fixtures, tiles and electrical which is more than I expcted for a powder room with no shower.

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