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proposed bottom floor plan ideas

5 months ago

Floor plan advice needed! Hi there! We are planning to raise and build in our Queenslander Home. A haven for our family with living downstairs and bedrooms and media/office spaces upstairs. Please find below some options we have for our proposed bottom floor. The entry starts in a foyer area and then moves into a 6m high void/ hallway and staircase. The lounge is to the left and garage to the right. From the top of the hallway it flows to the kitchen and dining. Overlooking a large grassed area and pool spanning the backyard. The major areas we need resolution in are: the services area of the home in terms of flow and amount of space allocated. Trying to avoid narrow hallways and lack of ventilation. The other area in question is to leave the void open from the hallway into the lounge (so the stairs can be viewed from the couch) Or close the lounge in to reveal a complete hallway with French door entry into the lounge and view of the stairs and hallway from the above balustrade. Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Thankyou!!

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