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Cost effective kitchen improvements

Sally Latte
6 months ago

Hi guys! We have just bought our first home and want to do some cost effective improvements to the kitchen. We have limited funds so a full new kitchen is not possible.

I want to do the following:

1) New sink and mixer tap - how do I go about this? Do I just measure, buy a new sink and tap in say Bunnings and get plumber to install?

2) New gas cooktop - current one is 15+ years old and the spark does not work, Again, do I just measure, buy a new one from shops and arrange installation? Any shop recommendation in Sydney please?

3) Kitchen cabinets - I plan on painting it white myself using the Dulux renovation range for cabinet doors. The interiors have quite a lot of scratches so also planning on painting it myself.

4) New cabinet handles - would black look nice? Cabinet doors would be white after painting and bench top would black (see pic).

Any suggestions would be greatly welcome!


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