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Help! Interior and Exterior design colours

Jay M
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

Hi Houzz Community,

My wife and I recently purchased a property in Brisbane. We are truly tragic with design (we would be the laughing stock of The Block due to complete lack of style).

The house is currently painted in a blue and some sort of cream/pale yellow. The roof is quite light in colour, something like a surf mist to white (it needs a good clean). Interior is a cream with a light blue lower VJ wall. It’s tired and needs a repaint (I think it was last painted 10 years ago).

The timber doors and windows are okay on the front of the house where shaded, but are quite sun damaged elsewhere. The painter we are looking to use has suggested it would be good to paint them rather than having to continuously oil them.

Long story short, please help us! We are thinking the following schemes:


- Trim (gutters, top rails, stair treads) - Dulux Monument or Dulux Black

- All other exterior (weatherboard, vertical slats, garage door, posts, stair palings, edge of stair treads, entire fence) - Dulux Surfmist or Dulux Terrace White

- Doors/windows - Dulux Vivid White


- Walls (both top plaster and bottom VJ section) - Lexicon Quarter or Terrace White Half

- Trim (Skirtings, architraves, windows, doors) - Vivid White

What do you think of this scheme? Any ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated.



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