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To have a kitchen island or not?

Melinda C
4 months ago

Hi everyone,

We’re finalising our layout for kitchen/living/dining renovation. We are working within exisiting footprint of our 70s house by removing walls (an extension out of our budget!).

We currently have a small kitchen, room for a 6 seater dining table and couches seating 4 people. We are a family of 5 - with 3 teenage boys.

One new layout allows us a decent sized kitchen with kitchen island bench (2m) but the space is very tight - leaving room for a 6 seater dining table and 3-4 seater couch.

One layout is a huge kitchen without an island and with a 10-12 seater table in the middle of the kitchen (think farmhouse kitchen) and 6-7 seater couch. I am leaning towards this design.

Our dilemma - if we ever sell, do people absolutely want a kitchen island these days?

Our dilemma is….

Definitely an island
No island

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