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What do I do with all this timber?

3 months ago
last modified: 28 days ago

Hi Houzzers, I have bought this beautiful home because of its beautfiul trees/gardens and its high ceilings. (Also, because it is lowset, overlooks a lake (dam) and has a separate building that I am intending to use for charitable work helping girls with autism. It hopefully will be my forever home (or for as long as I can manage the 1.5 acres). It was built in 1980. Whilst I love timber, there is currently too much timber in the house for me. The stairs to the area upstairs are also non-compliant (very big gap between each tread and only one railing). So they will need to be adjusted somehow. The kitchen and sitting areas seem very small/disjointed, which is possibly exacerbated by the positioning of the laundry which also holds the house hot water system tank in one of its cupboards. it would be nice for the house to be a bit more open plan perhaps. The view of the lake is from the kitchen windows. I am not keen of lots of brick inside a house either, unless it is used as a feature. My preferred flooring is timber, concrete or tiles. I like midcentury furniture - Danish or parker furniture from the 1960s. Apart from beds for the bedrooms, I really have no furniture, so decorating is a clean slate. However, I do like timeless furniture. I am not keen on chunky colonial country furniture, nor the greyed white Hamptons look (where everything is white), nor the obvious Ikea look everywhere. I hate the current stone black countertops in the house and the stark white cupboards. I was hoping that you could provide me with some ideas for what to do with the walls and ceilings in the short term, (colours and ideas of what to paint or not) as well as what you would suggest as changes to the house over the longer term. I eventually want an offwhite stone benchtop in kitchen in bathrooms. I am also not keen on the toilet being in the main bathrroom , but that is not an urgent change. It would be nice if the layout of the kitchen, stairs, laundry, dining, sitting and lounge areas could be better laid out. (Your opinions are appreciated). The second building, which is all timber (and not shown in photos), will eventualy get toilets/bathroom and kitchenette, so that it could be used for workshops/events related to helping girls on the autism spectrum, but could also be rented out as Air BnB in the longer term (with the bedroom, kitchenette and living being open plan). What would you do to it and how would you furnish it.

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