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Bath outlets in concrete slabs - how to install a freestanding tub?

Phil Dunne
3 months ago

Hi, I've accurately mapped the existing drainage outlet in my bathroom now and it's caused a major headache. This is a unit, on slab and the drainage goes into the concrete slab so is pretty fixed. The elbow is cast into supporting structure and not visible from underneath so drilling a new hole isn't going to work.

I had planned a nice freestanding tub and am now looking at all options (cadding up the base of different models), but thinking I have to revert to a dropin tub unless somebody and come up with a brilliant idea. Not ideal as the wall tiles were selected to show off a freestanding tub. Only option I can think of is raising tub onto a plinth, again, not ideal.

Pic1 Bathroom with the existing boxed in tub (actually its a new tub - Decina UNO 1530 which is my fall back position but the box is the same)

Pic 2 Plan with the outlet in measured position, below and to right, closer to toilet. Red line is demolished bath. Moving a non-structural wall to get a bigger bath in. Black box is max dimensions only.

Pic 3 #d Model of similar freestanding bath and where the pipe comes through floor. Selected bath is a Silkstone Norsk fwiw. Just a vertical cylinder for position, not representative of plumbing. Other corner baths I've looked at so far (eg Decina Natalia) face similar problems to the below where they aren't wide enough to cover the outlet at the base.

Over to the brains trust!

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