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What can be done re old drainage pipe running through base cabinets?

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Photos are in comments..
Excuse my lack of knowledge/correct terminology, I have very recently bought my first apartment and am super green when it comes to anything plumbing/remodelling/building/strata regulation related..The situation is that my third floor unit maintains all the dysfunctional issues of a 1969-1970 kitchen build and I don't know what can and can't be done in regards the remodelling. The biggest mess is the original metal (iron?) drainage/waste water pipe that runs through the centre of a 6ft length of base cabinetry. The adjacent wall is where the bathroom/toilet is plumbed. Im assuming changing the pipe to PVC will make a slight difference, but is there any thing that can be done from a plumbing perspective the recess the pipe or reduce the obstruction it's currently creating?My thought is that there is little that can be done with moving the pipe and that I'll have to consider bumping out base/cabinets drawers almost 10 inches or get permission to install a floating wall and that can at least support base cabinetry and appliances. The stove would need to be installed along this wall too so gas and electric outlets would need to be bought forward, and the the window would recessed which may not be possible as it hosts the exhaust fan ventilation for the stove..not loving this one as an option..The upper wall supports the window, and about 3 feet of wall that I wasn't looking to install upper cabinetry on..Not really sure what's possible, but around 8 of the other units in the building have been remodelled and have modern cabinetry against that wall..surely they didn't just cut through the new cabinets to accommodate the 50+ year piping..

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