Awkward kitchen layout - need help with ideas please :)

6 days ago

I am looking to get my 1980's kitchen renovated (1st time renovator). It is an awkward shape & wanted to ask if you think an island is possible or is it too small a space? Ideally I'd love to knock out the small wall next to the Family room, but that is a load bearing wall (used to be external wall, as Family room was added by previous owners as an extension). Also, the untitled space 3.1x4.8 has a stairwell going downstairs so can't use that space. I was thinking about widening the doors to the dining room but also can't get rid of the corner fireplace as it's a chimney & would cost a lot. Lastly, also thinking about widening doors from Dining room to Outdoor terrace for better flow - do I need a DA for any of this work? I'm in Sydney & this is a 1904 federation old home.

Hope you can help with some ideas xx

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