Looking for advice on 3 exterior paint colours for modular home

5 days ago
last modified: 5 days ago

hi there we are looking to select 3 colours for our 4 bed contemporary home. So far we have selected merbau timber for the steps and portico and will have a front door (Nexus Nex 35 900mm Merbau). We are thinking of having Monument (Roof) and Tranquil Retreat (cladding) and Casper White Quarter (eaves, trim) etc. The garage will have the Monument, Tranquil Retreat and unfortunately the door colour light options come in a beige colour (not Casper White Quarter) so will need to look at additional colours.

The portico roof and garage door could match having a forth colour but unsure whether this may look too busy! Does anyone have any advice on what colours would contrast well with Merbeau?

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