Bathroom Layout Advise

Lorraine C
3 days ago

Hi all, I need some advise on the layout of my pending bathroom reno. As you can see from the photo, the current layout is quite awkward and open due to the access to the 2nd bedroom.

What we are planning to do it to block up access from Bedroom 1 and 2 with a new door put in next to the Pantry for Bedroom 2. We also plan to knock down the wall between the bathroom and toilet and make it 1 big bathroom.

What I need advise on is the placement of our bathroom fittings. We do not want to change the plumbing around. We want a 1500 bathtub, shower, toilet and vanity. We have the option of blocking part of the window to switch the position of the shower and the bathtub.

Thanks !

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