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Help! Gap between cavity slider and brick wall

Ben Millar
last month
last modified: last month

I am putting a large cav slider at the end of my transition hallway to new extension as a way to shut the area off (kid free zone haha). My dilemma is what to do about the opening. i would like the door hidden when not in use. the space where it will be is between a new plaster wall and a feature brick wall. the bricks leave me with around a 30mm gap to the door, then the door itself is around 40mm, so an opening of 70mm. any ideas?

This photo shows where the gap will be, the hall side will be plastered to the edge of the faming, then square set, where the concrete step is protruding it will be bricked to level with the front of that step. I want that door to be hidden when not being used.

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