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What services are essential to make a home livable?

Rommel Samar
last month

Few things are more exciting than opening a house, whether owned or rented. With it, a new stage in life opens, in which the house will host moments that will always remain in my memory.

Of course, occasionally, it is just a matter of arriving and settling into it. A home needs a minimum of conditioning, which can even lead to small or large reforms. At the very least, the decoration will have to be varied so that it can have a personal touch.

Transport and removals

The first thing is to move all the belongings of the new inhabitants of the home from the previous one, whether it was a private home or the house of their parents, be it just clothes or more important items, such as furniture. There will be those who have enough with a private car, those who can have a larger vehicle, and those who have to hire a moving company.

, for example, is a transport company in Australia, but it also operates in Melbourne. We consider them leaders in the market, experts with a long history who give their clients some basic advice when contracting services with a company of these characteristics.

The first thing is to determine what exactly they expected from a moving company, specifying aspects such as the urgency of the transfer, the route that needs to be covered, the number of objects to be transported, their fragility...

It is possible that, besides the transfer, additional packaging, assembly, and/or disassembly services may be required, useful when the optimal tools to undertake such a task or sufficient time to carry it out are not available. Companies like the one mentioned agree to send their technicians to make an assessment and thus be able to adapt to the deadlines and define a budget.

Suppose the truck they use is not full. In that case, the same company will facilitate the possibility of sharing the service with another client, in order to minimize costs and with no damage to the belongings.

That is the line, at least, in which the large companies in the sector work. Also, this moving company in Melbourne and internationally, claims to provide the best customer service in the sector and work with quality ahead.


Today, having electricity is essential. We do not conceive a home without this minimum supply and, if it does not have it, it will be considered that it lives in conditions of energy poverty. To mitigate the effects that this may have on families, many autonomous communities dedicate specific items, in the form of aid and subsidies.

Also in this, it is required to have a minimum of information, in order to be as concise as possible in what is needed. Property Service and maintenance Melbourne can be very useful, by allowing online consultation of services and offering its technicians to clear up doubts. And it is that SCS Group Melbourne is not only electricians 24 hours in Melbourne.

They have been carrying out all kinds of electrical installations for more than 20 years, including, of course, domestic ones. But also industrial ones, low-consumption lighting projects, electrical certificates or bulletins, reforming meters, or repairing faults.

It must be taken into account, on the other hand, that if the electrical installation has not yet been done in the house, it is necessary to contact the distribution company and request a new supply registration. Once done, one of their technicians will come to install the meter and the necessary equipment. It is necessary, of course, for the SCS Group, the certificate of occupancy, the electrical bulletin, and the property deed, to identify the users.

It is better to ask when it comes to knowing other questions such as what power to hire.


Water is considered another minimum vital supply due to its use for cleaning and hygiene, food, and, of course, hydration.

If it has not already been done, the first thing will be to go to a supplying entity, which is dedicated to the home distribution of drinking water. Before it, the pertinent documentation must be presented, consisting of a request for supply that will be given by the entity itself, and where the name of the applicant, the use that is going to be given to the water, and the destination must appear.

In addition, the deed of the property or lease must be attached, as well as the documentation requested in each municipality, together with the one that proves the personality of the person hiring, such as theSCS Group


What is usually considered as minimum equipment when living in a home is the kitchen and the minimum utensils to use it (pots, cutlery, plates, glasses...), a table, bathroom equipment (toilet paper, towels, toiletries...), a sofa, the bed, a game to dress her and, depending on the season and the place of residence, a blanket.

That is the essential basics but, of course, they will end up needing other appliances such as the washing machine, air conditioners, and heaters, as well as more furniture.


Dirt is totally contrary to a habitable and comfortable home. It is a basic health issue , so you have to take it seriously. Even more so if they suffer from allergies due to environmental factors and want to prevent the formation of mold and humidity.

There are people, especially those who find it difficult to organize themselves, who prepare a schedule to help them keep their house clean. In it, they collect daily tasks such as making the bed, washing the dishes, and collecting and organizing what they use on a daily basis. In addition, they dedicate each day of the week, from Monday to Friday, to a room in the house, also contemplating general tasks such as laundry. Others, on the other hand, prefer to dedicate a whole morning to everything.

Allies are, of course,cleaning companies and Property service professionals who have specialized knowledge and products to achieve maximum efficiency. Having the services of one at least one day a week will save a lot of time and effort. It has to be taken as an investment.

Other services

In addition to the basic ones, there are people who, due to their work or lifestyle, also consider other services essential, such as the Internet, landline telephone, or cable television. Precisely with regard to telecommunications, being a competitive sector, it is advisable to compare offers to try to get the best.

On the other hand, although many households today rely entirely on electricity, gas is still very common.