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"Reverse Build" or put job on hold?

last month

Hey all,
So I'm at a point in my build were I have to decide if I want to do a "Reverse build" or put my job on hold.
The roof is on, windows are in and house is wrapped. Bricks have been delivered on site, but this is where the issue is. My builder said that all their brickies are delayed on other jobs. The best case scenario is that they could start by the end of May but more likely mid June.
So my options are that they can proceed with installing the insulation and plaster boards and keep going with the internal build and then start the bricks ones trades become available, or I can put the house on hold and wait till trades are available and start the brickwork.
What would be your recommendation? Could there be any major issues with going reverse build? As in possibly water seeping through and getting into the insulation and plaster?

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