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Opinions on frames on walls size/ position

last month
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Hi All, my husband and i got married 5 months ago now and we still havent ordered any wedding pictures because i am so incredibly indecisive when it comes to hanging photos on walls in terms of what size would suit best and which walls in my house would look best.

we built our house and moved in a few months before we got married and have never really been photo people and keep the house quite minimal. However now i want a mix of minimal and a homey family feel- i want to display our wedding pictures.

First question: I have already chosen the frames i want above my bed but the first thing i cant decide is whether to have 2 or 3 as pictured? this size is A2 to A3 and i think it suits perfect.

Second question: i want to create a gallery wall and the perfect space to do so is in the living area as pictured. They are going to be the same frame but in black. Do you think A2 to A3 will be too big for this space as a gallery? Or am i better off having A4 to A3 frames for this wall and have like 3 rows of 3? im very stuck on this.

thanks so much any advice would be greatly appreciated ☺️☺️

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