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Dark, Closed-Off Lounge – Help!

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I have recently bought a property (I have another post asking about how to minimise the timber). I love the raked ceilings in the house, but I don't like how the lounge room feels very shut away from the kitchen, the great view from kitchen window and the light that comes in from that side of home. The lounge room is very dark. There are two upstairs "rooms/areas" that are joined via a walkway. The current stairs leading to upstairs are not compliant due to the height between each tread. The pantry, fridge, oven are all behind the wall that cuts off the lounge room from the kitchen. I would prefer to get rid of all of the brick work inside the house. I am looking for some guidance on what I should do re the floorplan in order to open up the lounge room , so that more light comes in and so you can see some of the view from the lounge room. I just don't know what to do because if the wall that joins kitchen and lounge gets knocked out, then I dont know where to put fridge, over, pantry. Plus, at the moment, above this wall is the walkway joining the two upstairs rooms. It just feels dark, depressing and shut off the way the lounge is at the moment. (even though the photo shows a chimney, there is no chimney on the house). Help!!!

This link has some internal photos:


Dimensions as per real estate dimensions:

Master: 3.56 x 3.56

Ensuite: 2.520m x 1.870 m (internal room dimensions)

Bathroom: 3.050m x 2.420 m (internal room measurements)

Study: 2.67 m x 3.56 m

Bedroom 2: 3.78 m x 3.18 m

Bedroom 3: 3.78 m x 3.18 m

Laundry: 2.702 x 1.803 m

Entry: 1.420 m wide

Living: 4.27 x 4.57 m

"Dining" area: 5.20 m x 2.84 m

"Sitting area" (outside laundry?? :o( . ): 2.63 m x 2.37 m

Height from ground floor to floor of loft area: 2.83 metres

Internal dimensions from wall of laundry to wall where stairs start 10.770m (East to West) x (and Front door wall to back wall internal walls 7.990 m (Sourth to North). The roof above sitting and dining area is only about 2.7metres high because it has the room above it). I haven't included the half "hexagon" jut out where kitchen sink/hotplate/dishwasher is in the measurements of the total area space just measured by me. I can send more pictures of the internal area as shown in the real estate pictures.

It says it all when I said to my niece that I think the exterior of my house based on looking at pictures, must be either barn house or farm house. I said I had no idea what the inside would be classed as, and she said it looked like mountain lodge to her!!!!! Aarghhh!! NO!!!!!!!! I don't live anywhere near mountains nor the cold.

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