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Renovation floor guidance

Tom Sherrell
27 days ago

Hi all,
Me and my partner just bought our first home and are hoping to renovate. We are both pretty good with our hands with myself being an electrician. We are wanting to modernise the house as well as make it more appealing to rent. Issue we currently have though is We can't agree on the floors. Currently we have 4 different floor types. Living and dining, polished baltic pine. High traffic areas Inc hallways, entry and kitchen, cream ceramic tiles and bathroom black ceramic tiles. Finally, the bedrooms we have old carpet.
Our though process is to leave the ceramic tiles, pull the carpets in the bedrooms and refinish the original pine floor and place a good rug to help keep some warmth. We live in a colder climate of Victoria though so are concerned about how cold this would be as the house is 1960s and has no thermal protection under the floor.
I also know the baltic pine is a soft wood but am happy with it never being perfect as we like the rustic look anyway and feel that a gloss finish does appear to make the rooms feel larger.
Concerned about lifting the ceramic tiles, as it's a big job and once we start we are committed. We want to achieve a modern rustic look and we are wanting to DIY as much as possible and do it in stages inline with our budget.
Obviously way to many floors at the moment so we want to standardise the best way possible.
Thanks in advance!

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