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Advice Needed: Exterior Stone Feature Walls

Lorraine Cobcroft
26 days ago
last modified: 23 days ago


I'm struggling with selections for the feature stonework on the home we are building and I think I need help to avoid a divorce!!!

This is the facade:

Note that the designer has indicated two different stone effects - one for the front wall of the living room and the bases of the veranda posts and a different one for the walls alongside the entry and garage (which are not actual house walls - see plan below)

There are structural and cost issues if the same type of stone is used across all the stone features, but hubby insists they MUST all match up. I disagree and don't see why they can't be different.

I'd love some opinions please.

Below are some of the options I am considering.

For feature wall type 1 - lounge room wall:

with one of these options for feature wall type 2:


I can use the type in the last image across all walls, but it is a manufactured stone and not as realistic as the other choices and it would imply about 40% higher cost for labour as it requires extra insulation and a supporting substrate on the lounge wall.

Honest opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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