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exterior colours

21 days ago

Hi, I’ll try keep this short. 80’s red brick home with classic cream windows and verandah, first pic faces main road but is not used as main entry, that is around the side (pic 2) where colorbond garage in evening haze and monument is. I know the balustrade looks like a nursing home but it will be staying (just painted) so I was wondering if ironstone would look ok? Ironstone on roof and gutters and evening haze on fascia and posts with monument on the underneath of verandah just to tie it in to garage. classic cream will be continuing inside with new kitchen to embrace what I cannot change. I know rule of thumb is 3 colours but I just can’t see how I can do it as I feel monument will be just too dark. Have considered evening haze or red roof but I don’t think it will give the updated look I’m after without being modern. Pls help.

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