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Advice for new build with ocean views, QLD

Hi Houzzers,

It's been quite some time since I was here last ... and you were all a massive help to me, especially oklouise, siriuskey and Paul DiStefano.

The last time we were here - we got some magnificent advice, support and assistance to design and build our dream home.

Unfortunately, in the last 6 months, a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) was found in my lung and nearly killed me.

The Dr's have since found a genetic mutation which means my body will continue to throw blood clots and I have been told the situation is serious.

My spinal issues have also flared, which is causing limitations and pain.

I collapsed at home in March and felt I was going to have a massive cardiac arrest and leave this life.

My poor husband and Mum were with me and thought I was dying in front of them :'(

We've had time to prioritise our life and felt that with me not working, the financial stress tightens around my husband's neck .... which is not what I want for him.

As we speak, our beautiful house is on the market and up for auction at the end of the month.

From the sale of the house, we have the option to reduce or eliminate our mortgage for financial freedom for my husband, allow me time to recover, heal and spend time my family ...

We've looked at a lot of houses but after our search, are now re-considering starting over - buying a block of land & building again.... and after chats with our original builder, pricing and timeframes are blown out too so we are happy to do the shed-living again while we wait.

We lived in a shed on the block during our build last time (2019) and had an absolute ball so that would be awesome lol!

If the worst happens - I will have peace of mind knowing they will financially be ok and have an amazing quality of life :)

The block we are considering, has unobstructed ocean views to K'gari (Fraser Island).

It is 28 metres wide by 94 metres long with a reserve in front so should not be built out.

The aspect is east/north east.

I found a simple plan that would work & capitalise on the views, and have made modifications.

While the wrap around verandahs would be beautiful, they are not necessary, add much expense and most would be wasted in terms of functionality.

This house plan is modular but we are considering a build option, directly on the ground.

I'd love some fresh eyes to go over it ..... it's just a botch photoshop job so my changes won't be to scale. Dimensions attached to original.

I'd be super grateful for Houzzers times and advice one more time :)

Photos attached include the original house plan, our modifications & views of the block.

If you have some other ideas or have seen a plan you think would be perfect, my heart is open to your suggestions :)

Thank you :)

Nik x

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