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Please help with awkward space layout

Anna Kosolapova
21 days ago
last modified: 21 days ago

Here’s the builder’s floor plan, and I’m trying to work out what to do with the living room, that weird L - shaped space which shares Living/Meals.

One of the challenges with it in my mind is, that despite the apartment being North facing, it’s facing another building that blocks morning light, and does not get much light through it during the day, as light gets caught in all the awkward crevices, such as the kitchen that sticks out from the dedicated area, as well as the Study (which is really just a closed balcony) with extra layer of glass windows.

So the back of the LIVING area, adjacent with the corridor is pretty dark in general.

We tried fixing it by covering the back wall with mirrors to catch the front light. This created a feeling of space and brightened it up a bit, but still feels quite gloomy, especially on the dark days.

When we first saw the apartment, interior stylists has chosen to lay it out the way shown on one pic, where couch sits on the A/C wall.

I quite liked the position of the round table, outlined with an area rug, close to the kitchen. So we decided to keep it this way. Was quite easy to navigate around the round table in the space.

What I didn’t like, is:

  • the whole living space ended up in the dark area of the room
  • Armchair has been, effectively, placed in the corridor, so it’s psychologically not comfortable sitting there
  • We do not have/watch TV, so just facing the wall seem to be weird
  • I also had a weird feeling about the couch being visually obstructed by the kitchen

Another challenge with this apartment is that there are doors everywhere, here’s a small diagram of the flows around the area.

So placing any conversation area in between left and right walls also feels awkward as it’s breaking apart, as well as becomes quite hard to navigate around, if, for example, coffee table obstructs the pathway. This does not create a cozy feel, and you seem to have a feeling of almost sitting on a high-way. Facing a dark wall, or even worth, the kitchen corner is also not ideal.

Then I started experimenting a little bit, possibly placing couch just closer to the sunlight.

That looks very weird, again (no “conversation” area either). And no idea what to do with that kitchen corner, grrr or the TV-niche on the left. Surely, can just fill it with bookshelves, but would it look good? Dont' know..

Then I thought maybe we could extend the corridor with some translucent/see through divider or something like that, and position everything in front of it like so. Also this is maybe better, but it makes the room quite heavy, and there is a longer path outside (but that's ok given the space is tiny anyway).

Maybe I am too set on fitting the couch in? Maybe we just need a couple of chairs symmetrically positioned against the wall? I am not completely set on any furniture that we have, just trying to make the space work, but it seems to be too hard of a task. I really like when sofa or armchair can easily accomodate you with the legs on it, so it’s snuggly, which, sort of, implies that it has quite a big footprint, rather than some regular casual one.

It certainly makes it less of a challenge that we do not entertain or have friends around often, so it’s just a cozy area for 2 of us to enjoy the evening with a book or laptop. It's probably even ok if it's a nook for just 1, as my partner prefers sitting at his desk. Although would be nice if the area is "inviting".

With either of the layouts, the room feels very heavy on the left wall, and visually not balanced on the right. Pathways split it a lot, etc.

What would you do in this case? I’m open to any outside of the box ideas, like bespoke furniture, shelving, etc.

I’m seriously lost in trying to make it work.

Even if we sacrifice everything and go minimal, I just don’t see what might even look good here.

Please, help!

Thank you!


Sketchup scaled 2D plan could be found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PieSohlbNhUKL18rRwEDQJHBn3rZCn3O/view?usp=sharing

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