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How do I make my balcony more usable?

Francesco B
16 days ago
last modified: 15 days ago

Hi everyone. I live in a small apartment block with a 3rd story balcony that stretches the length of my lot. I find it practically unusable since it's exposed to heavy winds that funnel down the road it's on (everything needs to be tied or weighed down), or rain that comes in sideways, and also the road noise that gets reflected from the roof down onto the balcony itself (I can hear conversations or trucks braking as if they're right behind my head). The balcony is 2m x 9.5m.

I'd really love to enclose the whole space or put up some fencing but haven't found a builder that's willing to take on the project. The past few I've spoken to don't want to build anything on a 3rd story apartment balcony with a staircase being the only way up.

Any advice on what else I could do or who I could talk to?

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