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Long indoor timber balustrade - storage issues

Lynn Richardson
16 days ago

After 10 years I still can't work out what kind of storage would be best in front of our stairs balustrade. Our living room basically has only 2 small walls, then large bay windows and then long balustrade where the stairs lead downstairs. The issue has been with young kids that I can't put any chairs/furniture they could climb as there's a high drop to the stairs. So for years we just have kids toy storage tubs. But I'm really struggling with all the stuff with so little storage space. I'm totally hopeless at any interior design stuff, but honestly I can't even find any photos anywhere to kind of look at how other people deal with this issue. Any ideas? Search terms that might bring up ideas of what other people have done?? The previous owners put their 3 seater along there but my kids would climb over and could really hurt themselves if they fell...

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