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A bathroom transformation in teal

Colour Confidence Interiors
18 days ago
last modified: 12 days ago

We recently completed this amazing bathroom for our lovely client in Richmond Victoria.

We had worked previously with this client over many years, completing one room at a time and feel so privileged to be a part of her story.


The first thing you notice is that this client is not afraid of colour – fabulous for us at Colour Confidence Interiors!

The next thing you see are the very dated details and even leaking issues around the shower, which need pretty urgent attention to this first-floor bathroom.


It was decided that the bath was not a priority for this two-bedroom townhouse. But one thing was definite – colour was important and a walk-in shower, if possible – we aim to please!

The client had been to a bathroom product company and had a pretty basic layout done – but it was rather bland and did not hit the brief in too many ways. You will see that this image is nothing like the end result at all, and the client is so pleased she didn’t settle.

Of course, Covid was a difficulty too and we managed to select product in between our state’s rather severe lock-downs and complied with all the health-safety regulations at the time for the construction.


Not everyone has a second bathroom or are able to move out whilst major works are going on in the homes.

Whilst the temporary shower we set up in the back yard intrigued the cat, it was small a hardship the client willingly endured to get the result she was after inside the home and not have to move out.


Richmond Bathroom Make-over · More Info

Richmond Bathroom Make-over · More Info

Storage was a very important requirement for this small but perfectly formed bathroom.

This custom Shaving Cabinet incorporated the curves requested in the client’s Brief, as well as storage and a magnifying mirror – beautiful and very practical.

You can see reflected the client’s wall art, which also had to find a place in the new bathroom.


Richmond Bathroom Make-over · More Info

As well as colour, this client requested curves and texture – we were able to bring in both to the custom vanity.

Even the stunning Stu-dio basin is all curves and made in a gorgeous tactile material.


Richmond Bathroom Make-over · More Info

Although this bathroom was blessed with a lot of natural light from the high (very private) window, we couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to highlight the feature tile we selected for the back of the full width wall niche with LED’s hidden along the top – one of the client’s favourite features!


Richmond Bathroom Make-over · More Info

Coming in on budget was also very important (as it is for most of us), so we saved where we could and splurged where it counted – the square tiles on the right are hand-painted imported tiles but the client just fell in love at first site – so we incorporated them but used them in a small area over the vanity only. The fish-scales were a tile the client had always wanted, so we also made a feature of them in the wall niche. Balancing the three tiles of a similar colour was a feat, so we then selected a lovely neutral large-format porcelain tile for the floor and remaining walls, with a neutral Corian benchtop right across the back wall into the walk-in shower, and a white vanity and basin as well.

All the hardware is brushed nickel silver for a soft and timeless finish to the room – keeping it classy.

Heated towel rails are an added luxury.

In the end the Brief was met with colour, practical considerations, meeting the wish list for most items and our client couldn’t be happier!

Check out the entire project here!

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