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A sleek kitchen transformation

16 days ago
last modified: 2 days ago

Our lovely clients came to us with a vague idea of what they wanted their new kitchen to look like and I worked with them to make sure the space is both aesthetic and functional.

We first needed to remove some of the wall in the space to effectively design the kitchen and improve its flow. This change allowed us to also maximise the storage solutions throughout the space but still retain enough room to move around and not feel cramped, as clients spend a lot of time in entertaining with friends and family in their kitchen.

Previously the kitchen was fitted with shaker-style doors. I suggested we opt for a flat panel style with ultramatt finish and light tone as that would increase the subjective space and would be calming. It would also not be an ecocabinets design if there wasn't a "surprise" element. Once the idea for the timber finish open-element was hatched we quickly dubbed it “the snake”, as it meandered along the kitchen.



we also used some of the same colour in the pantry area to tie it all in (A combination of Navurban Diamond Box Wood and Laminex Absolute matt Surf.). Another small element that makes it all feel tied in, is the "frame" around the rangehood housing cabinet, it serves no purpose except the supremely important visual one.

The cabinetry is packed with lots of space-saving elements like:

  • chopping board drawer
  • internal drawer
  • bin drawer
  • pantry internal drawers
  • vertical separators with drawer above at oven to serve as practical storage area for the oven trays and towels
  • spice and bottle drawer
  • "secret" cabinets.


Whilst researching benchtops, the clients fell in love with this quartzite which then naturally became the "hero" piece. This then required the splashback to take a back seat, for fear of too many elements competing with each other. A lovely tile in a similar tone to the cabinetry was selected.

The pendant lights imported from Norway provided the perfect finishing touch to the space.


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