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Please help on this, new build

last month

Hi, we are about a month away from completing our new home and moving in , before we started building was just a family of 2, now there is a little crazy toddler in our life which we love dearly!! haha

bedroom 3 which will be a toy room for many years, we want to renovate the wall and add 2 double sliding doors so we can watch and check up on her playing while we keep hallway doors locked for safety ,

what process do we need to do to get this done? just update the house plan and send off the uodated plan to council?

its a non load bearing wall ,

can we just stsrt knocking it out we want to get this done very quickly next 2-3 weeks if possible so it doesnt delay us moving in

we are owner builder and done most the work ourselvs , fix out , tiles , cocnrete etc

our builder who did the frame very busy and wont get a answer in time so please i hope to find answers here

what do we do please help!!

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