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Design help needed - opening kitchen up to dining area

Peta Kerwin
last month


We are renovating our kitchen and my husband removed the dividing wall between our kitchen and dining area in preparation for putting a cavity sliding door into this opening. Doing so has all of a sudden opened our pokey little kitchen right up (mind you at the moment there is absolutely no cabinetry in it - demolition stage). This has made me want a more open plan feel to this part of our house but I would lose cabinetry that was on that wall and I'm not sure if it feels weird to be looking into the kitchen directly from the dining area without a diving bench. We have not locked in our kitchen design as yet so we can change things.

Any suggestions on how to approach this kitchen design where dining is open to the kitchen and a dividing bench wouldn't fit?


** Photos attached show dining and kitchen opening. Please note the dining table is pushed all the way to the front window so would be positioned closer to the opening normally.

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