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Cleaning and maintenance of a terrace

Cleaning and maintenance of a terrace

With the arrival of good weather, we all want to enjoy the sun and good temperatures, both at home and when we have a drink outside the home. For this reason, it is time to make a set-up of our terrace, either inside our home or in a local.

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we take care of all types of cleaning services, from terraces in all types of premises such as penthouses and terraces of private homes. Do you need a deep cleaning of the terrace? Contact SCS Group Cleaning Solution and we will give you a free estimate on the maintenance and cleaning of terraces.

Cleaning of an outdoor terrace

When at SCS Group Cleaning Solution we carry out cleaning service in a hospitality company, we always take into account whether it has a terrace. If you have a place with an outdoor terrace and you want a deep cleaning so that your customers can start using it, our team can leave it in perfect condition.

Clean patio furniture

If the terrace has not been used in the colder months, the furniture will have accumulated a lot of dust and dirt if you have kept it outdoors. Ideally, when the terrace of a place is used sporadically, it is to store the tables and chairs in a warehouse, but space does not always allow it. To leave a perfect terrace, the most important thing is to thoroughly clean the terrace furniture.

You have to take into account the material of the furniture, to be able to use a series of products or others. Many places with an outdoor terrace use plastic tables and chairs, making cleaning easier. With a damp cloth you can remove the layer of superficial dirt and insist on areas with more intense stains with specific products.

In other terraces, teak or pine, or acacia wood furniture is used; they are aesthetically more beautiful furniture but require extra maintenance in their cleaning. With SCS Group Cleaning Solution you won't have to worry about the terrace furniture of your premises being damaged since by hiring our services we will ensure that they are perfect throughout the year.

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How to clean large terraces

For terraces of premises with a large area where a lot of dirt has been accumulating in the colder months where it has hardly been used, we emphasize the furniture and also the floor or other elements. Umbrellas, large planters, stoves, flooring, artificial grass...

Each terrace has specific characteristics, which is why each budget that we make at SCS Group Cleaning Solution is specific to each company. To find out how much it costs forour team to clean the terrace of your business, contact us and we will give you a price totally personalized to your needs.

Maintenance of a terrace at home

One of the areas of the house to which we pay less attention is the terrace, especially in the winter months. But when the good weather arrives and we want to get more out of this space in our home, it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning. We know that it is a task that takes a lot of time, effort, and that requires having different cleaning products. For this reason, we recommend that you leave this work in the hands of professionals and get to know SCS Group Cleaning Solution home cleaning services.

Clean terrace floor

The floor is one of the elements of the terrace that gets dirty the most, especially if it does not have an enclosure. Especially the dust and pollen from the outside are what make the terrace floor need a good cleaning. How about floor coverings in your home? Terrazzo, clay, tiles and terrazzo are used for some terraces and wooden floors for others... Depending on the floor material, one maintenance or another must be carried out, so it is necessary to have an expert when cleaning the terrace.

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Terrace railings: how to clean them

It is also very important to spend time on the railings of the terrace since a lot of dirt accumulates here. First, it is advisable to pass a damp cloth with soap and water. If it is not enough, stronger products such as ammonia or bleach will have to be used. Once the terrace has been thoroughly cleaned, the ideal is to be able to do a weekly review, so that dirt does not accumulate and to be able to enjoy it during good weather.

Cleaning service in Sydney

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we offer our services for cleaning the terrace of premises or for those homes that have a terrace and need to clean it in depth. Our prices are always adapted to each client, depending on the dimensions, the time needed, the frequency...

Contact us at SCS Group Cleaning Solution and tell us what your terrace is like. We offer you the best service of a serious and professional cleaning company in Sydney.

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