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Make 2 bedrooms into one bedroom with ensuite - what am I able to do?

Ralph B
last month

Hi forum

I am in a position of adjusting an area of my house so as to best accommodate a family member moving in so as to be able to care for my partner whilst she goes through some tough treatment

We have two fairly small bedrooms that we want to knock through so as to provide a very nice sized bedroom but also allowing an ensuite section to be added to it

I have had plans made up and being submitted so I am keeping this all very legal and to code

Question I have is what legally can I do myself? I am a sheet metalworker to trade and I an experienced handyman but I am not a tradie with regards to building and construction. Time and cost are considerations as I know trades are busy and I assume small jobs likely involve high costs that I have to be careful with

I have a plumber so that will all be dealt with by him. My partners daughters boyfriend is a registered electrician therefore I am happy with that. I am looking more at the removal of a non-load bearing brick wall, installation of a stud wall and partial bricking up of an existing window with the installation of the new window frame. Can I carry out some or all of those tasks with adherence to the relevant codes or must I use registered builders

Many thanks in advance


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