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Moving to the country !

last month

Well , it looks like I'm moving to the countryside !

Deals negotiated , contracts signed . Settlement still a couple of months away .

A cute little villa , a bit of land , country air ! I'll start posting some 'real estate' pictures in a couple of days , but the plan is to keep my existing place ( I've lived here nearly 25 years ! ) for at least the next year , so I guess I'll have a bet each way !

The irony is that , at this stage , I'm happy with the interior of the new place , so I won't be doing anything major there , but after nearly 25 years , I'll probably do some cosmetic interior stuff at my 'old' place to get it ready for sale , as well as a really , really extensive job in the garden -- I personally think everything is tidy and liveable , but then again , things like the gardens I don't care if theres a few weeds showing through rocks , or if a shrub is getting a bit wooly , but as it will be a multi-million dollar sale ( hopefully haha ) I'll spend probably $20k exterior and another $20k interior to just lift it that bit .

I'm happy with the bones of every room in my existing place , except the laundry , so I may even go a bit silly and spend another $15-20k there . Right now , its 45 year old white cupboards , white shelves , a white tub exterior and stainless interior ( i.e. the actual tub ) , and white washer and dryer . Several people have said that the latest 'European' laundry ( ironically , they seem to be almost all white too , with stainless washer and dryer ) would lift that room to the standard of the rest of the house . Any thoughts ?

All a bit exciting !

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