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renovation planning - door and window

25 days ago

We are in the planning phases of a pretty substantial structural renovation. We bought the property (first home) for a good price, knowing we had a lot of work to do. The original house is quite old (1920-1940s) and has had various additions added over the years, of varying quality and style.

We want to bring the home back to a traditional style and unify the overall style and look of the house. We are looking at window and door planning at the moment, and I am contemplating whether to put a patio door into one of the living rooms, and if so, whether to place the window next to it as a floor to door height window, or raise the window to 60-80cm above floor height. Looking at 2400ish size doors.
The room isn’t huge - 4m x 3.6m approx, with a stair case on the wall opposite where the window and door will be- and will be used as a media room - so there will be a couch on the wall perpendicular to the window and door wall. I want to put a door in because if I don’t we won’t have a door on that side of the house at all. It is an east facing room.

In the images, there is currently a balcony above where I am looking at putting the door, that is going to be removed. As part of the kitchen re-structure, we are removing a door that is currently on that side of the house as we are putting a full wall of floor to ceiling cabinetry on that wall. Ignore the room dimensions in the floor plan, they aren’t accurate. We are also looking at changing the low pitched roof over the kitchen to a pitched gable roof to be more in line with the main house roof which is a very prominent feature of the house and would be a lot more expensive to alter.

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