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Do you think my Kitchen colours work?

23 days ago
last modified: 23 days ago

Hi all,

So I'm currently in the process of having my house built and as this the first time I have ever done this I'm stressing a bit on my colour choices for the house and kitchen,

Fixing stage is almost finished, so that means my Kitchen is in, along with laundry and bathroom cabinets, plus internal doors.

I do like a "modern" or "futuristic" look. But I guess I don't really know what those looks entail. I mean I think I have a picture in my head of the type of look I like, but whether it's "modern", I'm not sure. If modern is all white, then it's not really my thing, I like more of a contrasting/two tone look.

Anyway, below are some photos of my kitchen that my builder sent me, do you think it looks alright? Originally I wasn't going to have the Walnut upper cabinet colour (they were the same as the bottom cabinets), which are Stone Grey Matt and the benchtop is going to be Caesarstone Oyster:

And I know that this the Kitchen discussion area, but below are photos of the laundry and bathroom cabinets. In the bathroom the Caesarstone bench is going to be Raven:

Can't remember why I went a wooden look for the cabinets. Just hope it looks good and bit more "modern" than 70/80s.

I also ordered my fridge yesterday, which is the Samsung French door, 4 door SRF500BB (Black stainless steel) fridge (picture below). And now I don't know if the black look would tie in with the pantry (fridge is going to be in the pantry).

The dishwasher is being provided from the builder and is stainless steel but will be in the main kitchen.

Thanks for your opinions :)

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