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Small House - is a 1m x 7m extension worthwhile?

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Hi, I have a small 1950s weatherboard that is on stumps (good access). It has currently 4 bedrooms, 2 living spaces (not huge) with 1 x ok sized main bathroom and small ensuite. We have a euro laundry in the living room that I want to move (desperately!). This will increase natural light and give more space in our very tight kitchen/dining/living space.

We don't want to extend the floor plan significantly - and definitely not out to the front or extending into the yard. I'm wondering if a 1 x 7m extension out the side of the house worthwhile? It would allow the main bathroom to be enlarged to fit a better euro laundry, meaning that an existing bedroom and ensuite would be pushed out to the side.

Would this be way to much work/expense for not much gain?

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